Dr Seema Mahesh

Dr Seema Mahesh is a renowned classical homeopath from Bangalore, India, practicing for the past 16 years. After completing medical education as a topper of the university she went on to complete her diploma at the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, Greece under teaching of Prof. George Vithoulkas. Further she has been involved in the research committee of the Academy and is currently the Director of Research at IACH Greece. She is instrumental in taking the core concepts of homeopathy as propounded by Prof. Vithoulkas to the conventional medical journals and conferences. Having published several scientific papers in peer reviewed medical journals, she has also presented posters on homeopathic concepts of health, disease and cure evidenced through case studies and controlled studies at conventional medical conferences on immunology and autoimmunity at NewYork, Fiji, Dublin, Krakow, Stockholm, Harvard Medical School, The Netherlands, London, Madrid and Vancouver. She has been invited to teach homeopathy all over the world including Australia, Egypt, Germany, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia etc. She is currently a research scholar at the esteemed Taylor’s University Malaysia, researching on the concepts of ‘Continuum Theory’ of Prof .Vithoulkas.