Testimonial Category: WEBINAR JUNE 2021

The webinar consolidated some fundamental concepts in my mind and it was wonderful to hear Professor

I can only grade the webinar with highest mark possible, you even managed to keep the spirit of Alonissos alive! I

To all of you who had exposed cases and answered questions, and Specifically to Our Dear Professor George

What a fantastic webinar with great learning. Anytime you arrange such an event – I will join you!! Well done to all

An amazing webinar, loads of hard work done behind this, heartfelt thanks to each and everyone of the team of IACH.

I would like to say: let’s resonate on one frequency – the one, that broadcasts kindness, sincere participation and

This was another excellent webinar. Bravo to the team for the professional and always-friendly-organisation. And

Thank you for providing practitioners from all around the world with an opportunity to learn from the best! Discussi

I thank you all; the whole team who made everything possible and of course the very interesting contributions,