testimonial 4

Posted on June 10, 2022

testimonial 4

The Academy Webinar November 20-21, 2021 is an outstanding event for all students of Professor Vithoulkas. For beginner students, the peaks to which one should strive are shown. Practicing homeopaths have received a lot of new and interesting information on case design and correct case taking. The highest level of webinar organization, strict logic and interconnection of all parts leave an overall impression of high professionalism. At the same time, each lecture of Professor Vithoulkas gives a huge impetus for spiritual growth and gives the webinar a high moral and spiritual level, purifying and inspiring.

All lectures and cases (by Dr Seema Mahech, Dr Mallapa Mahesh and Dr Atul Jaggi) were so interesting that everyone tried not to miss a word. The excellent work of the translators should be noted as well. Thank you so much Academy for this webinar.

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