Posted on June 10, 2022

You are a fantastic team that does not only know how to put together a coherent and interesting seminar but on top of that things absolutely to perfection. The gathering was not just ‘useful, it beamed with love right through the computer pixels and your feelings, of love for you were automatically reciprocated with all the love my heart is capable of producing. What a little miracle to happen worldwide, don’t you think?! You made my life a lot brighter but also fuller in knowledge. I’m so utterly happy and grateful that you re-stated Hahnemann’s and actually now more Prof. Vithoulkas’ Classical Homeopathy so well with your transparant cases and explanations of how to become more ‘scientific’ without leaving our wonderful homeopathic approach. It was all a delight. Thank you so much. I’m proud to be part of being your student.

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