testimonial 13

Posted on June 10, 2022

testimonial 13

I am grateful for the free talk of Prof. Vithoulkas. He has a bird eye perspective on human race and disease in relation to what is happening now. The collective conscience which leads us to the suffering of mankind where the solution he summarized it in 4 letters LOVE. The unconditional love without putting burdens and restrictions, with balanced ego and self awareness. Thank you Maria for connecting us from all over the globe. Thank you Latika for your presentation and reminding us of the Devine power that lead us to this science. Thank you Seema for putting us on track of scientific reports. Thank you Atul and Mahesh for leading us through your experiences to find the similimum and your exceptional presentation of the cases.

Dear Maria and all the IACH team, I am really grateful for this webinar, this space of learning is not just about learn, but also about inspiration. Thanks to these Webinars I have been encouraged to study more, to get into the research field, to help more people with homeopathy, and also to continue sending to other colleges, partners of homeopathy what I feel about homeopathy and our requirement for keep preparing ourselves and keep going with our training because this is a lifelong mission.

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