testimonial 19

Posted on June 10, 2022

testimonial 19

Overall, this was another wonderful experience ! There are really no words to express the gratitude, I believe we all share, for all the effort, love and care you put into creating and presenting this information to use and for the phenomenal and cherished opportunity to see and hear our beloved teacher Professor Vithoulkas share his knowledge and wisdom with us. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to participate in these meetings and feel truly blessed to be also a student of IACH and a part of this precious and loving community.

Thank you, thank you, thank you ! Once again, this 6th webinar was a huge success, in the crescendo series of IACH webinars. The elevated level and quality of the subjects reaches its peak. We had been used to it with the greatest rigor and scientific content, and this time again it was confirmed. A huge thank you to Dr. Seema and Dr. Mahesh for their scientific spirit so synthetic, open, critical and educational. Many thanks to Dr. Atul and Dr. Latika, for their systematic, dynamic and didactic presentations. But above all, a great feeling of gratitude for Pr. Vithoulkas: his generosity, his love and his wisdom overwhelmed us.

Last but not least, special gratitude to the lovely Maria and her excellent team of IACH who, from behind, in the shadows, and without saving any single drop of energy, allowed this seminar to take shape and to unfold perfectly.

You have truly won the improbable bet of filling this almost 2 years time period (which was to be so deserted, empty and dark) with the light of science. And hope. And your love for us.

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