Testimonial Category: WEBINAR NOVEMBER 2021

testimonial 20

Over the years I have attended many seminars with known homeopaths. But not a single one comes close to the OUTSTANDING seminars at IACH with a standard and at a level way above anything else! So also this last webinar which, naturally, had a record number of attendees. It is always a true privilege to […]

testimonial 19

Overall, this was another wonderful experience ! There are really no words to express the gratitude, I believe we all share, for all the effort, love and care you put into creating and presenting this information to use and for the phenomenal and cherished opportunity to see and hear our beloved teacher Professor Vithoulkas share […]

testimonial 18

The Webinar series is a fantastic learning opportunity as it really allows us to see the application of the theory principles and to gain a more thorough understanding of them as we follow the cases with your guidance. In addition, the information on research principles and proper preparation of case studies is invaluable for all […]

testimonial 17

The webinar was very useful, with great learning possibility. It was really great spent time, I cannot find enough words to describe it. Every lecturer was excellent and it was really fun participating. Not to mention the possibility to hear wise words from Prof. Vithoulkas. Thank you for interesting content. Looking forward for the next one. […]

testimonial 16

It has always been a privilege to be a part of  IACH. This webinar was another chance of taking knowledge and learning to a higher level. Thank you Professor for the entirely new perspectives and thoughts you put in our minds. Seema, Mahesh and Atul, l  thank you all for the wonderful presentations and Latika, […]

testimonial 15

My dear friends, I don’t know how to put into words the feeling that surrounds me of deep gratitude for the opportunity to participate in another enriching Webinar! The Dedication and Love for Homeopathy is very visible in the eyes and in every word spoken by all the speakers! They are an inspiration to all […]

testimonial 13

I am grateful for the free talk of Prof. Vithoulkas. He has a bird eye perspective on human race and disease in relation to what is happening now. The collective conscience which leads us to the suffering of mankind where the solution he summarized it in 4 letters LOVE. The unconditional love without putting burdens and […]

testimonial 12

It is amazing that we are together to hear the divine words of our master Prof. Vithoulkas. When he starts to speak, I always think that how much broad experience about health & disease conditions of human being. He is great speaker that he gives experience of spirituality, serenity in my mind. He is really […]